“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” -The Little Engine That Could*

SAFE in Hunterdon offers free and confidential programs and services that are carefully designed to decrease the impacts of trauma experienced by children who have witnessed violence in their homes. To help reduce the risk of these children becoming adult abusers or victims themselves, counselors work closely with children and their non-offending parents, teaching them ways to identify feelings and non-violent ways to express themselves.
Peace: A Learned Solution (PALS) is focused on achieving the following objectives for children and their non-offending parents:
  • Building self-esteem and enhancing coping skills
  • Nurturing healthy patterns of family interactions
  • Encouraging positive communication styles between parents and children
  • Helping children experience positive relationships with siblings, peers and adults

Peace: A Learned Solution (PALS)

The PALS Program is a creative arts therapy program for children ages 4-12 and their non-offending parent. It is an intensive program that consists of both individual and group child therapy sessions by board-certified therapists who specialize in a creative arts modality. It provides an introduction to healthy emotional expression with a strong focus on peer interaction. This innovative program encourages children to experience a range of emotions, to express themselves through creative arts, and learn non-violent ways to express feelings while enhancing their self-esteem. The PALS Program currently employs an art therapist, drama therapist, music therapist and a creative arts advocate who specializes in music. The program also offers case management services, family therapy and parenting support groups.

It is important to note that the PALS program only enrolls clients who reside with their non-offending parent.  The non-offending parent must have been separated from the offending parent for period of time in order to qualify for services through the program.

*author Watty Piper