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Domestic Violence Quilting Project

In honor of October being Domestic Violence
Awareness Month, we have create a quilt inspired
and designed by the many strong women at Edna
Mahan Correctional Facility who have experienced
domestic violence during their lifetime. This quilt
represents the submissions of drawings and poems
based on the following themes were requested:

“Healing”           “Survivor”

“What makes you a strong woman?”


“Why are you proud of yourself today?”
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Serving victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse for over 30 years
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SAFE in Hunterdon's Mission is to empower adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, while collaborating with our community to prevent violence and create positive social change.

These drawings and writings were turned into a beautiful piece of art by volunteers at SAFE in Hunterdon from
both New jersey and Florida. The power behind these images and writings inspired a poem by the quilter:

The Quilt of Life

A quilt is made of many pieces, fabrics rich and of varied textures
All stitched together to form a beautiful, pleasing gift to the heart and soul
And warmth beyond measure, truly a treasure

We, like the most exquisite quilt, are made and put together
With loving care by our mutual God above, all meant to blend together
We are many colors, textures and varieties

And oh, that we could meld together like the quilt with all that tender care
How warm, safe and lovely this earth would be
Wouldn’t that be something to see…

By Josie Wiggins, a piece of life’s quilt

Special thanks to: Amy Davis, Lisa Mejia, Kim Mackanic,
Macheis Wind, Mary O’Brien, Cyndie Wiggins, and Josie Wiggins