Inspire Hope

We resolve to nurture the innate human capacity to heal, to grow, and to be resilient.  We believe that positive change is possible.

Be Client Focused

We will strive for excellence in the delivery of services that are trauma-informed, evidence-informed, and strength-based, in an environment of professionalism, integrity and high ethical standards.

Provide Safety

We will exercise diligence in providing a safe, protected, confidential environment.

Act with Compassion and Respect

We will, through our actions and attitudes, be kind, tolerant and culturally responsive and strive to be judgment free and respectful of client decisions.

Promote Social Justice

We will remain current in our awareness of societal injustice and oppression. We will provide education and advocacy to spread awareness of injustice and we will take concrete action to promote justice whenever possible.

Work in Collaboration

We will meet challenges and address needs with proactive innovation and creativity, in partnership with those who share our goals and vision.